John Katchisin

John Katchisin was born and raised in Edison NJ. Ever since he was a child, it was clear that he was born to perform. It all started in the fall of 1990 at the age of 3 when John’s parents enrolled him into dance school at Metuchen Dance Center. There he studied all forms of dance ranging from tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, musical theatre, modern, and ballroom. John still remembers that first moment when he was up on stage at the annual recital, the lights hit him and deep down he knew he was exactly where he needed to be.

In his early teenage years John took his natural rhythmic skills to the next level. His older brother’s friends band had brought all their gear to his family’s home one weekend to jam. One of those nights John found himself behind the drum kit and took to it immediately, teaching himself how to play the drums. Having already been dancing for years John felt very comfortable behind the kit. It was from this moment on that John fine tuned his drumming skills and was part of multiple rock groups over the next 8 to 10 years.


Dance has always been a constant in John's life. At the age of 16, John became a certified dance instructor through Dance Educator’s of America. From there he started teaching classes at Metuchen Dance Center and became a freelance choreographer, creating original pieces of work for multiple dance companies including MDC Dance Reflections, Middlesex County College Dance Ensemble, Mercer County College Tomato Patch and Artistic Visions Dance Company. 


In his mid-twenties, John applied to S.A.E Institute of Technology NYC (School of Audio Engineering). Not only was John accepted into the full-time program, he was also the recipient of the Tom Misner Scholarship. John studied recording, editing, producing music, how to work with other industry artists and so much more. This fully immersed John into the world of creating music.

One evening at S.A.E, John was in one of the production suites and started to work with the Traktor DJ software. Being the youngest in his family, John benefitted from the different genres of music he had been introduced to from both his brother and sister. He had recognized that the ability to DJ came very naturally to him. He had wondered how he had gone this long without ever trying to DJ. This was something John knew he had to pursue. Not long after he graduated in December of 2013, John had started to book himself out in the DJ world, including private events, bars, clubs and multiple residencies throughout NYC and NJ. In the fall of 2017, John officially launched his entertainment company, A-KATCH Entertainment.


With the love and passion of performance, John is what sets this apart from being just another DJ or events company. His unique talents range from entertainment for theatre and stage, music festivals, weddings, bars, clubs and more. If you would like to book John for your event or venue, contact